Alexey Putilin, Supplier Manager ICT, ING

Analysing telecom bills is very complex and time-consuming, but if you don’t do it your company is losing money. Tam Tam saves you that time and money.

Alexey Putilin - Supplier Manager ICT - ING

“Analysing mobile and fixed voice costs means going through thousands of individual lines on a bill, for fixed subscriptions, mobile subscriptions, traffic details, etc. It is very difficult to check whether the correct rates are being applied, and the spend per user varies every month.

The amount of data is huge and the operators’ analysis tools are not sufficient. Tam Tam’s consultants provide us with the necessary business intelligence via a web interface and drill-down menu that makes scanning easy. We can drill down to specific subscriptions and traffic. We also get a view on the most common call termination locations, who is spending the most, any changes and the complete history since the contract was signed. I estimate the tool saves us 5 man-days a month.

The monthly reports and quarterly face-to-face meetings are a chance for Tam Tam to point out any abnormalities  and recommend actions to be taken up with the supplier.”