Sr. Category Manager, Indirect Supply Management_EMEA, leading company healthcare sector

Procurement of telecoms is complex! Tam Tam helps us to analyse and understand our usage in this fast-moving market. They put the data in an understandable format. On top of that, Tam Tam knows what you can ask and expect from the different operators

Sr. Category Manager, Indirect Supply Management_EMEA, leading company healthcare sector

A leading company in the healthcare sector selected Tam Tam Consulting as independent party to advise them on the harmonization of the mobile states within the EMEA region (+10 countries). They opted for a hybrid approach, assessing carrier consolidation versus local sourcing with existing providers and market challengers.


Throughout the process, the following objectives were established and realized;

  • Transparency of the current mobile environment by country
  • Inventory of all the benefits of the current existing contracts
  • Consolidation of volumes and integration towards 1 supplier
  • Contract harmonization and optimization; align end dates across countries
  • Seperate devices and mobile offerings of the operators
  • Cost reduction
  • Guaranteeing quality, services and continuous improvements
  • Clear business case and support in those countries where transition and change management is needed


In addition to the specific knowledge of the market, the customer was looking for best practices and expertise to bring a number of challenges to a success.
Below some attention points that lead to a better result, both during the RFP phases and after the decision making process:

  • Collect raw data files from the current supplier(s), enabling to simulate all flat fee mechanisms in the market place in line with user behavior. Make sure that the current and the projected growth in data and voice usage are covered, or that they have a limited impact on the future costs.
  • Make sure there is a strong involvement of the local stakeholders from the beginning of the process, so that they have input during the whole process
  • Create a leadership team
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) approach, taking into account early termination penalties, costs of the devices that are part of a mobile contract,…
  • Thorough support with prerequisites and action points to justify a migration process
  • Think about the future (demand, trends, policies, cost control)